Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pistachio, Seddon

So huge was my brekky with the lot this morning that I fully expected a tyre blow-out as I scootered home. Unlike at Green Grocer, the serves are big at Pistachio, 86a Charles Street, Seddon, Tel +61 3 9687 1374. Very big. It's enough to turn a bloke bulemic.

The quality was good too, with creamy, Bill's-style scrambled eggs, tasty bacon, a juicy veal and pork sausage, tomato and capsicum relish, mushrooms, tomato, spinach and a "potato and sage" hash brown. I super-sized all this with a side of house-made baked canellini beans with tomato and marjoram sauce. The weak links were the tomato (which was under-cooked rather than "slow roasted") and the hash brown (which was padded with some kind of batter). And the spinach was only barely wilted.

According to Seddon local Andrew D, Pistachio's house-made crumpets are also pretty special. They serve them with stewed apple and mango compote and Indian treacle, which beats plain old honey. Another one for the sugar-freaks is the toasted vanilla brioche, served with mixed berry compote and "orange blossom cream" (only $8.50).

Speaking of crumpet, it's Derby Day today, which means half of Melbourne suits up, slips on a fancy frock and gets pissed in the car-park at Flemington. It also means that by late afternoon, the whole city has turned into a giant game of Frogger, with trashed race-goers leaping randomly in front of on-coming traffic. Scary.

15/20 "home-grown crumpet"



Blogger Ange said...

Jesus, that looks liek enough to bring on a heart attack!

6/11/06 09:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently Derby Day 2006 was the biggest crowd ever seen at Flemington Racecourse with over 129,000 people. I lost track of how many "well watered" people stumbling out of Limo's I dodged in my car. With all the traffic, you were probably lucky to be on Scooter...although after the size of this breakfast, maybe a push-bike is the go. Thanks for the review. Great to see some more inner-west content.

6/11/06 20:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a brekky girl but as as options in Williamstown are few often head up to Yarraville/Seddon. Will give this place a go soon as it is around the corner from what I reckon is the best by a mile Le Chien

12/6/07 18:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if there's been a change of management, but this place barely passes muster these days. The crumpets were deepfried pieces of batter (think pineapple fritters without the pineapple), and the oil wasn't clean or hot enough (lots of oil on the plate).

The coffee was lacklustre and the service was tired. Little wonder that Le Chien around the corner was buzzing while this place was pretty much empty.

19/3/08 12:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all you gus who have been able to pass on a review, i am very appy for you. As a local, it is impossible to pass comment onI have never been able to experience. They are NEVER open.

5/7/08 14:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this cafe, never had a bad meal whether breakfast, lunch or dinner it is always spot on! I have developed a re-pore with Marcus, Lauren & Tyler the owner operators and there has definitely been no management change.

I find it hard to imagine a local not being able to eat at this fine establishment, as it is open all weekend. I am well aware that everyone is entitled to there own opinion but it just seems silly to me to pass judgement on a venue when you haven't been!!!

I eat at all of Seddons' restaurants/cafes and find that there is always something interesting & different at Pistachio, I think that they have just launched a new menu so will be heading in to try the new offerings this weekend. Will keep updating.

On a side note I was informed that Le Chien has had a management change, hope this will improve the service and maybe reduce the noise!!!!

The Dogging Dog

10/7/08 08:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am heading to Pistachio on the good morrow so will re-post after our experience. I wanted however to make a note about Le Chien. Bums on seats are not a reflection of a good cafe in this instance. My experience there on both occasions was snooty staff and average food. And yes noisy too. I won't be heading back there. Apparently running a cafe means they are doing the public a service and not actually there to run a business and to please the "paying" customer.

26/6/09 17:27  
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