Saturday, November 18, 2006

McDonalds, Melbourne

This really was the perfect weekend to make up my own mind about breakfast at McDonalds, somewhere in Melbourne (or anywhere else in the world for that matter). First, I got to feel all warm and fuzzy about the donation of a whole dollar to charity, by virtue of McHappy Day. Second, with Melbourne gripped by G20 riots and anti-globalisation loonies, any visit to the golden arches had the extra thrill of danger... the risk that, at any minute, you might be KO'd by a flying wheelie bin. I like to live on the wild side.

And so it was that I scurried into Maccas just after the 10.30 cut-off, but just in time to score a McValue meal of Bacon & Egg McMuffin ("dusted with polenta"), a hash brown ("golden pieces of top grade seasonal potatoes cooked in a canola oil blend"), and a coffee ("WARNING:HOT"). The very nice young woman behind the McCounter slipped a bonus Sausage & Eggs McMuffin into my bag, which meant I got to sample two versions of the McMuffin product line.

What can I say? It was warm. It tasted like McDonalds. It had cooked egg inside. It had warm, soft muffins outside. The bacon was real bacon, and not too bad. The sausage was brown and slightly spicy. The "cheese" was fluoro orange. I quite enjoyed eating it. And I felt sick afterwards. Your typical McDonalds experience really.

I'm beggin' for it

Anyone who's seen the current Maccas TV ads will be amused to know that the promoters of Fast Food Nation have pulled off an inspired piece of ambush-web-marketing. If you accidently (or deliberately) type into your browser, rather than, you end up at a spoof site for Mickey's Burgers. Funny.

6/20 "not a powdered egg in sight"



Anonymous Kievmeister said...

I remember when we were down in Melbourned in October. We savoured the breakfast at the different cafes until one day we decided to grab Maccas before heading to Richmond. It actually tasted really awful...much worse than in Sydney. No wonder there are so many Hungry Jacks there.

20/11/06 21:13  
Anonymous Jwo2 said...

Eeeeew! If you think Maccas tastes bad in Melbourne, well Hungry Jacks is worse. I recently took two bites of a Whopper for the first time in 5years and regretted it. The second bite was to confirm that I wasn't kidding myself. It was a sticky cardboard texture, with none of the defining flavours that you normally associate with a juicy beef burger. Disgusted I threw it straight into the bin.

The fact that I hadn't eaten at a fast food chain serving processed, fatty food loaded with refined flour and sugar for years is an indication that in Melbourne we are spoilt for choice when it comes to cheap and delicious fast serve meals.

Mental note to self; leave the fast food chains to those lacking tastebuds, and pass on the indigestion tablets.

23/11/06 12:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute review.

I don't mind an occasional meal at Maccas. I quite enjoy it actually. I see it as a nice little vice to indulge in once in a while.

Also, environmental issues aside, there seems to be a pretentious backlash against McD's, you know "my tastebuds are too refined to withstand an assault from that horribly common food" which makes me even happier to eat there.

No doubt, these same people can probably be found doing a furtive 3 AM run to KFC for a bucket of the colonel's finest.

24/1/07 15:54  
Blogger Amanda said...

Why would anyone bother going to KFC for a late night/post-drinks snack when they can go to any of the places mentioned in this article (and more, like Stalactites)?

10/2/07 19:25  

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