Sunday, November 05, 2006

Arcadia, Fitzroy

I'm trying hard to plug any obvious gaps in my quest for Melbourne's best breakfast. So this morning I paid a long-overdue visit to Arcadia, 193 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Tel +61 3 9416 1055. Thanks to Melinda C for the reminder. The food was very good indeed.

This morning's Breakfast special was both original and flavoursome. Lightly fry a big fat cake of mashed potato, drop it on a bed of fresh rocket, top it with anchovy mayo, fried bacon and two poached eggs, and garnish with a generous blob of chunky pesto. Brilliant. I just wish the potato cake was a but more crispy (as the menu had promised).

I'm told the wok-fried "Shanghai" eggs with oyster sauce, chili and spring onions are also very good. Ditto the parmesan scrambled eggs with oven roasted tomato.

Arcadia is quite a buzzy venue, with high ceilings, plenty of space and a choice of inside, street-side and courtyard seating. But it's another place where you have to schlepp up to the counter to place an order, which means you have to stand there like a stalker till you make up your mind.

The coffee was strong and excellent.

16/20 "tasty"



Anonymous Dan said...


Rumi, lygon st, brunswick east. (so hot right now)

deep fried dukkah eggs with bastourma and spinach.


(only on saturdays for breakfast. makes it feel super special)

6/11/06 12:41  
Blogger Miguel Sanchez said...

I tried Arcadia today, with less than impressive results.

Not only was the special not running today - the staff were rude and the service, non existant.

The food however was OK - escept for the poached eggs being solid in the middle..

Good to try somewhere different though.

19/11/06 17:44  
Blogger xofro said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience, Miguel. I've found the food of consistently extremely high quality (sole exception: the french toast...), the service very friendly and efficient, and the price tag extremely reasonable.

And it's one of the few places I can count on to have runny egg yolks in my precious poached eggs! Better luck next time?

22/3/08 08:49  
Blogger viji said...

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5/5/11 17:40  
Anonymous sheen said...

THE food is fantastic!!! both breakfast and lunch, and is worth going back for. The service is unbelievably bad. So bad that i have moved through anger and frustration to the point of just seeing the joke and laughing. I am a regular and I don't think I have every had good service, not even tipping the vague gen Y waiting staff seems to illicit a response or gets them to look up and 'SEE THE CUSTOMER'. My advice, go for the food and don't go if you have low blood sugar and anger issues. Not pretty.

29/6/11 18:18  
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