Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tusk, Windsor

I stumbled across some breakfast chatter in an online forum the other day, which included many dodgy recommendations about where to find Melbourne's best breakfast. One such recommendation was Tusk, at 133 Chapel Street, Windsor, Tel+61 3 9529 1198. Apparently (according to "Sazzie" and Shaun) the green eggs and ham is superb. Although "Sazzie" goes on to say that Tusk is "shit" and "hideously overpriced", which left me a little confused. So, this morning, I decided to check it out for myself.

Let me dispense with the pricing issue first. At $9.50 for the green eggs and ham, there is no way you can call Tusk "hideously" overpriced (unless, of course, you use the $2 Ikea breakfast as your benchmark, which isn't really fair to cafes that don't use breakfast as a loss-leader to sell furniture). In fact, the menu struck me as rather cheap, with no single dish over 12 bucks.

And the food? Well, I wouldn't call it shit. But I wouldn't call is superb either. The green eggs were over-cooked, crumbly scrambled eggs, propped up by a generous dose of pesto. The thin-sliced ham was mixed through the eggs in the form of little postage-stamp squares. And the toasted ciabatta was so thin, dry and crispy that they might as well have served the eggs on some man-sized Saladas. The whole thing was edible and tasty, but I would never order it again.

If I go back, I will probably try the baked banana and coconut milk rice pudding with sultanas, topped with cinnamon and flaked almonds. Or maybe I'll see how their eggs benny stacks up?

Tusk is a buzzy venue with good coffee, quick service, and a bigger-than-usual outdoor space (ie, a corner position on a very wide footpath). Inside, there's a nice big photo-mural of a tropical sunset. Reminded me of Greasy Joe's in the good old days.

13/20 "green eggs and crisps"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha! that was me that recommended the Green Eggs on ITM. Sorry to hear they didnt measure up for you. I really enjoyed the ones I had with generous serve of paramsen and pesto. The eggs have always been superbly cooked as well. Meh. Maybe you got unlucky? or I got lucky?

23/10/06 16:34  
Blogger Zé Cortes said...

Melbourne is a bit far away for me, but I do appreciate the info.
By the way, my blog is all about breakfast recipes, in portuguese and english. Please, take some time to visit it, it's still young and fresh...

24/10/06 07:44  
Blogger feed the girl said...

The rice porridge at Tusk is incredible. In-cre-di-ble.

I have a (new) blog about breakfasts too: but I will be focusing on porridge, muffins, croissants.. not eggs.
Link to me if you like :-)

25/10/06 23:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to Tusk this morning and was pleasantly suprised. Great atmosphere - the staff were laid back yet efficient. The Veggie breakfast was awesome, one of the best I've had. Who knew hummus on rye bread with poached eggs made such a good combination! The coffee was great as well. It was my first visit so maybe you got them on a bad day, definite repeat visits.

31/3/07 18:49  
Blogger Jacob said...

I had lunch at Tusk today. The food was average and the service was poor bordering on rude.
One of the waiters even called the table of woman next to us bitches for spilling some sugar.
With all the other choices in this area I wouldn't go back to Tusk.

9/8/09 15:32  

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