Friday, August 04, 2006

Automatic at Crown, South Melbourne

I really don't like slimy scrambled eggs. I don't like bacon with strings of rubbery fat that make it impossible to extract the meat. And I don't like it when two dry slabs of boring-looking toast are dumped on the side of my plate like a garnish. This morning I scored the trifecta at Automatic, in the Crown complex, 8 Whiteman Street, South Melbourne, Tel +61 3 9690 8500. The view across the river is nice. The waiter was friendly. But the food was awful. Especially the skanky eggs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to totally agree with your runny egg and chew bacon thing. Scambled eggs should be dry and preferably with cheese, and bacon should be crisp enough that it cant be picked up by a fork, thus forcing us to eat with our fingers like the heathens we really are. And deep down we like that. Well I do. Im not afraid to admit it.
Cheers from Az!

10/8/06 06:33  

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