Saturday, July 08, 2006

Red Box, Brunswick

I received a tip-off from Dave, that his mate Steve does a nice plate of eggs at Red Box, 317 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Tel +61 3 9387 8699. Which means that Steve (if he happens to be an Ali G fan), can preface everything he says with the famous words "Me mate Dave reckons... blah blah blah..." This morning, for example, he could brag that "Me mate Dave reckons me does da best skotch eggs in da whole of West Staines, innit." That's right, Scotch eggs. Respekt.

But not everyone is a fan of Ali G. Some Americans, for example, don't find him funny at all. Just cheap laughs at the expense of nice, unsuspecting policemen, civic-minded Southerners, and former CIA Directors. Go home Ali. This is America. We've already got plenty of crap TV.

Which is a fair point. I feel much the same about some American TV. Like Friends. Why that show was ever foisted on Australian viewers is a total mystery to me. Boring. Not funny. Completely unlikable characters. I just don't get it.

But there I go again. Drifting off-topic. Back to the Red Box, and that very tasty serve of Scotch Eggs, served in a large pool of spicy tomato relish, with organic grain bread and some leafy greens on the side (good value at $11.50). My only complaint is that this was a special, and not on the regular menu. One item on the regular menu that caught my eye was chick pea hash browns. Might have to come back and give them a try. I also had a warming cup of hazelnut hot chocolate, which was good. Very respectable performance on the food front.

The venue and service are also pretty good. Red walls, red lights and timber trimmings give the place some warmth, but there was a missing X factor from the overall buzz.

14/20 "Scotch eggs"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now hang on benedict? comments on the toast? coffee? wouldn't be doing a "Jonesy" (as in Alan) in an eggs for comment sort of way for a mate would you?

Not that I care really...and the scotch eggs do come up pretty well in the photo.

8/7/06 23:11  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

No Jonesy action here, JD. Dave and Steve may be mates, but I don't know either of them from a bar of soap... or a piece of toast. They do serve eggs benny here, but I didn't try it. And I forgot to mention that I had a cappucino which was good, but not very good. There. Done.

9/7/06 09:42  
Blogger Ange said...

Well even if it doesnt get your highest score still another place in my neighbourhood that sounds like its worth a try, love teh idea of the scotch eggs, hope they are a regular special

10/7/06 09:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

long time listener first time caller...

very acurate reporting jamie. thanks. had the scothies for braskky on sunday they were lovely. i will have a word to management about getting them onto the fulltime menu.

no "eggs for comment" here. just a fan of the site and a fan of the cafe. thought i should get the two together.

ange, you need to get out more, there are plenty of good places for brekky this side of the river...

and... don't get into me about the all lower case or the excessive use of multiple full stops... its a phase i'm going through!

11/7/06 17:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

or the typos!

11/7/06 17:53  

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