Saturday, July 29, 2006

Henkel's Hangover Cure

Last night I knocked back a couple of frothies. Or maybe a couple of dozen frothies, but who's counting? This morning I awoke feeling just a teeny bit fragile. And craving a serious fry up. So it was off to Greasy Joe's for a plate of their finest grease.

If you happen to find yourself in a similar state, I can highly recommend Henkel's breakfast. You get a generous serve of bacon, sausages, beans and eggs on toast, with a nice pile of crispy fries on the side. The beans may have come fresh from the can, but I still enjoyed dunking my chips in the bean juice and scoffing it all down. This is a must-try venue for Russell Davies if he ever makes it to Melbourne. I now have a new appreciation for his beloved egg, bacon chips and beans combo. GJ's does a good Virgin Mary, too. Plenty of horseradish. Mmmm...


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