Friday, June 23, 2006

Langton's is Back

For a while there breakfast was off at Langton's, 61 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Tel +61 3 9663 0222. Which was a pity, because it's too nice a venue to leave empty in the morning. But now it's back. So, this morning, having recovered from the excitement of watching John Howard leap around in a fluffy green tracksuit at 6.30 am, I decided to have a celebratory brekky in honour of Harry and the boys. Except Kalac. Nothing to celebrate in his performance. Something to investigate, maybe. But no cause for celebration.

cavapcicci snags

I toyed with the idea of ordering the boiled eggs and soldiers, if only because it came with "Murray River salt flakes" and I was curious to see how that was different from "salt". But in the end I went with the scrambled eggs, and it proved to be a winning move. Not so much for the scrambles (which were good but not spectacular), as for the extras. The grilled cevapcicci sausages were tasty, skinless little chaps. But the smoked tomato was the real star. Soft and mushy with a smokiness you'd normally associate with cured meats, it was an excellent complement to the snags. Rounding things out was a big pile of "smashed" kipflers, proving that spuds are an acceptable alternative to toast.

Service at Langton's is still superb, and the Winter menu seems to have something for everyone. Toast and jam at $4.50. Muesli with poached quince, yoghurt and "warmed" honey at $8. Toasted brioche, passionfruit curd and creme fraiche at $8.50. Or Tom Cooper's smoked salmon, poached egg, lemon and shallot butter sauce on sourdough toast at $14.50. My big scrambled brekky was $16, but it was good value nonetheless.

16/20 "smoked tomato"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmm! i could go for this right about now. shot, i could go for this pretty much anytime of the day. btw, i LOVE your rating system!

2/7/06 23:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to Epicure today, Langton's will soon be history. It's being replaced by Cecconi's, which has been displaced from the cas by that guy off the telly. Oo err. So get yer smoky tomatoes while you can. By the way, Murray River Salt Flakes rock. They have a taste, rather than just tasting salty. And you help the Murray's salinity problems too. Everyone wins!

ps - my word verification is bwank, which I think is quite apt.

4/7/06 16:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Olimpia Bortolotto plans on keeping up the breakfast tradition when she moves in? The last time I ate one of her brekkies was long before she ascended the gilded Crown. I think it was when Bortolotto's was the jewel of Fitzroy Street, and perhaps even before that at Cafe Maximus, which Greasy Joes recently annexed. Fingers crossed.

4/7/06 19:35  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

Groan. What a disaster. We're losing Langton's and it's all thanks to the fat, ponytailed, Steven-Seagal lookalike from sin city. If he hadn't pushed Cecconi's from Crown, then none of this would have happened. Oh well, get in quick for your smoked tomato. I wonder if ponytail will do brekky?

5/7/06 13:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there's a good margin on breakfast, Seagal will be into it. I can see the menu now..."Our version of a classic Chinese congee - $20". Double groan.

Never did try Cecconi's. I always assumed it would be nice in an expense account sort of way.

6/7/06 18:00  

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