Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fritter Upgrade at Replete Providore

The old fritters were very good. The new fritters are better. Even better than Mart 130. The battle for fritter supremacy is heating up. In the somewhat-famous words of Anna from Big Bother Six: Game on mole! (You can take the girl out of Frankston) It's gonna take some special culinary magic to top this. Did someone say breakfast dish of the year?

asian corn fritters

First, Replete is now using fresh sweet corn. Second, they've raised the bacon bar to vertiginous levels with a superb, thick cut, deliciously tasty slab of honey-soy marinated bacon. Third, they've pulled off an inspired piece of fritter-fusion with an excellent sweet chili sauce. And finally, with po-mo flair, they crown the dish with an excellent pineapple salsa. It's almost as if the fritters are possessed by the spirit of a hawaiian pizza. Pig and pineapple. It's a match made in heaven.


Blogger h said...

Just wanted to say that I had the Replete corn fritters over the weekend and they were extraordinary - still living up to your raving review. As a vego, I was advised to swap the bacon (boo hoo!) for some spinach which was a very large serve, and literally oozing with green flavour. I added some 'hash cakes' too, which were very crunchy on the outside, softly texured on the inside and shaped into large lego-like blocks - delicious! They were a little greasy but perfect for curing my hangover.
Luckily is wasn't as busy there as is usual, so seating was surprisingly easy and the service was 10/10 - very patient, gentle and helpful, which is a must-do when dealing with people looking to right the wrongs of the night before.
In my opinion, your 'best fritters' award is still entirely deserved and consistently upheld at Replete.

3/9/07 11:57  

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