Thursday, April 20, 2006

Proper British Kerfuffle

Never mind that it's owned by the yanks (Heinz). Nor that they bought it off the frogs (Danone). The spin doctors at HP foods are telling anyone who'll listen that HP sauce is a "Proper British" sauce. The brown sauce. And if you don't get all patriotic and slop it on your daily fry-up, then Britain is destined to become a nation of weaklings and losers... struggling by on a diet of muffins and soy frappucinos. Or even worse, croissants and lattes.
hp sauce
Personally, I reckon they should stick with the very groovy Paul Smith make-over. Very brown. Very stripy. Very cool.

But instead they're selling brown rubber wrist bands to "save the proper british cafe". Although whether the proper British caff needs saving is the subject of some debate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't everything in life a spin-off though? I personally think the guys at HP are doing some good work by broadcasting this. The laughs around the workplace while talking about "Proper British" people, places, foods and sauces really take the edge off work and can bring enjoyment to people.

I can see what you're saying about the sauces origins but it's all a good bit of harmless fun, I mean, HP brown sauce tastes "The Business" and combined with a good old fashioned british breakfast can really go down well as a hearty breakfast or a good hangover cure!

6/5/06 07:15  

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