Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Grocery Bar, St Kilda

I am now convinced that good breakfast experiences are all about dishes, not venues. Ask not "where's a good place for breakfast?", but "who does the best benedict?" or "where are the best pancakes in town?" The answer will be very different. Take, for example, Grocery Bar, 135 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Tel +61 3 9537 1137. It's a very good spot for breakfast. But as I discovered on a previous visit to their East Melbourne store, their benedict is crap.

Today's experience at the St Kilda venue was much better. I had some excellent poached eggs on organic multigrain toast smeared with mushed avocado, and a very good side of bacon. No complaints at all. The Italcaffe coffee was good too.

Another popular option which seemed to pop up on every plate I saw was the home-mde baked beans, so I'm assuming they must be pretty good. And I liked the sound of the poached pear with marscapone on cinnamon fruit toast.

15/20 "mmm... mushed up avocado"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live at Tribeca and love my weekend visits to Grocery Bar. Great service, breakies and coffee

22/5/06 21:04  

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