Sunday, April 23, 2006

Gas Eatery, South Melbourne

My dog eats his own vomit, and he seems to love it. So this morning, when my scrambled eggs arrived looking alot like a pile of vomit, I decided to tuck in and see how it tasted. To my surprise, it wasn't too bad. Scrambled eggs mixed through with fetta and stewed fresh tomato (this was no canned tomato). Today's special at Gas Eatery & Supplies, 253 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, Tel +61 3 9690 0217.

gas corn pancake

The corn and chive pancake was probably a better choice, with some tasty bacon (done just right) and home-made chutney (a little bit too watery). As always, the corn-bacon combo worked well, although this version was very doughy, with a relatively low corn-count. If you're hungry, this baby will fill you up. It's big.

According to Campion and Curtis (authors of Melbourne's Foodie's Guide), Gas does "delectable" French toast (made with brioche and dusted with cinammon sugar) and a "delicious" bowl of yoghurt with stewed rhubarb. I'll take their word for it, although I didn't taste it myself.

However good the sweet stuff may be, the eggs are below par. Apart from the Middle Eastern eggs (served in a pan with stewed tomato and haloumi), a tortilla, and the specials (like my scrambled eggs), you can have your eggs poached, poached or poached. And by poached, they mean "poached" flying saucer style, in one of those little round poaching dishes. The cheat's way.

gas inside

Otherwise, the venue has a good feel, with mostly bar-level seating (nice comfy stools), and very good service. The drinks menu is also above average, with classics like Virgin/Bloody Mary (made with horseradish), and a peach Bellini made with Dal Zotto bubbles (they called it a "Blini" for some strange reason, but I don't think there's any pancake mix in this particular cocktail).

A final comment on price. Stick to the script (ie, standard menu packages) and it's pretty good value. Stray from the script (ie, eggs plus various extras) and they sting you. For example, Eggs on toast... $7.50. Eggs on toast plus bacon, beans and avocado... $17.50. I decided not to ping them for price, since you can avoid being ripped off by careful ordering. But it's a close call.

13/20 "poached, poached or over poached?"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a special baked egg from this place. It was similar to that "breakfast in a pan" but it had chorizo and feta cheese. Best breakfast I've had in Melbourne.

17/5/09 18:34  

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