Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Epicure Buggers Up Breakfast

In what can best be described as an embarrassment, the Epicure team at The Age has done a feature on breakfast. This article does for breakfast what Tori Spelling does for acting. It does for breakfast what Plan 9 From Outer Space did for film. It's the George Lazenby of breakfast articles. It sucks. How they came up with a "Where to go" list that excludes Mart 130, Circa, Las Chicas, Replete, Mario's and The Bot is beyond me. If I didn't take my breakfast seriously, then I'd find this all very amusing. But the best meal of the day deserves better treatment. As the human headline would say... shame, shame, shame.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed about the crapness of the article but can we leave George Lazenby out of this, please? Poor George. Perpetually misunderstood.

27/4/06 09:29  
Blogger GS said...

I was kind of happy they stuffed it up - it's hard enough to get a seat for a weekend breakfast as it is. Let those who can't think for themselves follow the sheep to the epicure picks!

27/4/06 09:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree on the crapness of that article. I have found though,that in general all their recommendations are crap. We have been disapponted many times after trying places they have raved about. They have their faves they plug all the time and other great places get ignored. And who are these so called reviewers anyway?Never heard of them!
we tried the french toast at Gas last weekend, it wasnt life changing.Certainly doesnt deserve the 'best french toast in melbourne' label. Also the Middle Eastern eggs were drowned in a cumin flavoured tomato sauce.Love your blog, keep up the good work!

28/4/06 17:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you really think Mario's is good? It serves supermarket bread with bacon and eggs. It may have been good 15 years ago, but like Pelligrini's, it's just riding past glories.

29/4/06 16:13  
Blogger GS said...

re Marios I can't forgive them for the frozen briquette hash browns. I like the ambience, the pasta but have never had them on top of my best breakfast food list, especially with Babka just across the road.

6/5/06 15:32  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

It is true, there are a few weak links, and it would be nice if they upgraded the toast and hash-browns. I think they do a decent sourdough toast these days (an innovation of some years ago). Even if the food isn't the best in town, it is generally good. The real thing about Mario's is the experience, which is largely thanks to the staff. It would take a serious downturn in the food to turn me off the place.

6/5/06 20:06  

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