Thursday, January 12, 2006

Brown Sugar, Melbourne

This morning, in what can best be described as a disappointment, I had eggs benedict at Brown Sugar, 25 Block Place, Melbourne, Tel +61 3 9639 7577. It was my intention to do brekky at Segovia, but just my luck, they were closed for renovations. Brown Sugar was the fall-back option. Two doors down the Block Place strip.

It had potential. The specials menu, for example, was anything but dull. Scrambled eggs with fetta and sun-dried tomatoes on toasted Turkish bread. Or bacon curls and grilled tomato on Turkish toast with a balsamic reduction. And the coffee was good.

But the benedict turned out to be a try-hard failure, with a big fat wedge of Turkish bread playing host to un-grilled ham and a pair of hollandaise-soaked eggs that were quickly rolling around the plate. To be fair, the poached eggs were nice and round, which tends to imply quality and freshness. But one was slightly under-done and the other slightly over-done. The other problem was the side of hash browns which, despite being house-made, were extremely salty. Way too salty for my taste.

It's a nice venue, all dark wood and low light, and the service was pretty good. But why eat here when Bistro d'Orsay is only a few minutes up the road?

11/20 "salty hash"



Blogger Gabrielle said...

2 years ago, when Brown Sugar was owned by Tony & Cathy, it was the best place in town for brekky. Perfect scrambled eggs, perfect coffee, and a much better ambiance. Soon after they sold it, I headed to Segovia. Such a shame, because it used to be great.

7/2/06 08:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having just stumbled across your webpage i went straight to see your brown sugar reveiw. I was dissapionted as this is one of my favorite cafes in the city. Always fresh and made on premises. Keep the good work up guys. Prehaps you should go for a re-sit on your exam.

16/2/06 21:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with gabrielle, 2 years ago it was one of the better places with a city breakfast with solid coffee.

I was there recently, though not for breakfast, but for lunch; it was an overpriced, under-portioned affair with poor coffee. I won't be back for breakfast either.

4/8/06 18:20  

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