Sunday, August 07, 2005

Tinpot Cafe, North Fitzroy

I must remember to wear my macrame beanie next time I visit North Fitzroy. Maybe a nice brown and green number, made from 100% organic hemp. The perfect outfit for a visit to Tinpot Cafe, 248 St George's Road, Tel +61 3 9481 5312.

The highlight of my brekky was an excellent Redlich sausage served with some home-made tomato relish. I really felt like a good banger this morning, and this one hit the spot. The scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms were also very good. So, no complaints from me.

There were, however, quite a few complaints from the other side of the table when the "eggs at sea" dropped anchor. The eggs were hard poached. The salmon had jumped ship. And the tide was out on the hollandaise.

Despite these glitches, Tinpot seems more likely to serve up a hit than a miss. On top of all the usual egg stuff, the menu includes things like a "Roman Sandwich" of herb toast topped with spinach, mushrooms and parmesan, "Brad's Bacon Bagel Burger" with beetroot amongst other things, and a special of smokey bacon baked beans. Just don't make the mistake of ordering a side of beans, since they will be served fresh from the can. They even do plain old weetbix. Cool.

The venue is classic mis-matched retro, and the service, coffee and value are all good. Not quite as good as the Green Grocer across the road, but a good plan B if you're in the area.

14/20 "nice bangers"


Blogger random entry no. 456 said...

i went to arcadia today for lunch. it rocked. i ate a stuffed roast chicken roll and on the side i had grated beetroot and nut salad. i thought i was gunna pay an arm and a leg, but with coffee it came in at $12.50. Satisfaction, one observes, is garanteed.

19/9/05 17:44  
Blogger random entry no. 456 said...

yesterday i went to small block for breaky. i had the big one and it was big. the beans were of different varieties, and the mushrooms were shaped exactly like mushrooms. i have a feeling the tomatoes were organic because they tasted real. the spinach was not gritty and I say thats a plus. the coffee was a cream dream, and they plied us with water cus it was sunday and late and we looked HAGGARD. i say "MORE". (p.s. they have organic cola from new zealand instead of coke = ok by me)

19/9/05 17:48  
Blogger random entry no. 456 said...

two days ago i had a summer chicken burger from the green refectory. i have a small crush on the coffee man. his caps are the bomb. the pav is a fav and the decor is tre` easy on the eye. i love it and i go ever other day.

19/9/05 17:49  
Blogger random entry no. 456 said...

sorry to rant.

19/9/05 17:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had a bloody fantastic, eggs benadict, brekky at the tin pot this morning. The best holandaise I've ever had. Wanted a side of baked beans (even caned ones) But to my surprise they where of the excellent home made variety so they must have started making there own.
The Coffee (genevese beans) was also excellent.

19/10/06 21:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Tin pot .. feel like I'm still at home .... always had good food ,on one occasion I wasn't happy with my dish.I suppose it happens I;m a chef ..and I know all to well that it can happen.. but I mentioned it to the girl serving me and they made me up another one it was great
...Fuck I'd like to see some of you folks try to cook

2/7/09 21:31  
Anonymous inspiredbycoffee said...

mitte is hands down the best place to get brunch in Fitzroy North. the chick pea bake thing with coriander salad, poached eggs and avocado on dench bread freaking rocks my world!!!


16/7/09 20:22  

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