Saturday, August 27, 2005

Montague Park Food Store, South Melbourne

How to explain my experience this morning at the Montague Park Food Store, Corner Montague and Park Streets, South Melbourne, Tel +61 3 96829680? Maybe I ordered badly? Maybe scrambled eggs with mushrooms is the weak link in an otherwise strong line-up of breakfast offerings? Or maybe it's an ordinary venue, trading off past glory, with a die-hard following of locals blinded by memories of the good old days?

I quite enjoyed my hobbit-sized serving of scrambles, which almost covered one piece of toast. I did not, however, enjoy the mushrooms. Who knows how they were cooked, but they looked and tasted as if they'd been boiled or steamed... bland and boring. I didn't eat them.

On a more positive note, I did eat the chipolatas (never mind that I ordered bacon, not sausages) and these were pretty good. Even better was the home-made tomato relish, which was thick with squishy strands of onion and had just the right amount of chilli. Arguably the best condiment I've had so far.

If I ever manage a repeat visit, two dishes stand out: wattleseed and cashew granola with poached fruit, yoghurt and creamed honey; or "eggs in hell" baked in a spicy tomato sauce with melted cheese and BBQ sauce. Both sound interesting and are supposed to be very good.

As always, the Genovese coffee was very good. I particularly liked the way it was served, on a small silver tray with a small glass of water on the side. Nice touch. Service was good too.

14/20 "mushrooms from hell"


Blogger Kate Lightfoot said...

Although I haven't tried the eggs, I've found Montague Park Food Store to be quite good for breakfast - especially if it's the quick-stop-before-work variety. The granola is superb and (though this sounds ridiculous) I REALLY like their toast!

5/9/08 23:05  
Blogger Unknown said...

Changed hands in 2009; definitely a huge improvement! Awesome french toast with berry compote, great smashed tomatoes on toast with chilli and poached egg. Be there at noon when the amazing breads come out of the oven.

7/9/09 09:24  

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