Tuesday, August 30, 2005

L'Osteria Scusami, Southgate

This morning, as I browsed the 2006 Good Food Guide results, I was treated to some very average, boring scrambled eggs and nasty, dry, stale toast. Welcome to l'Osteria Scusami, Southgate, Tel +61 3 9699 4111.

But don't worry, you're spoiled for choice, with as many as 6 other dishes to choose from, including toast and fresh fruit. Throw in a winning mix of classic pop-rock blaring on the radio, and the whiff of cleaning-fluid, and you have to wonder why they bother.

7/20 "nasty"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

average score for southbank/southgate restaurants on this site - 9/20...what a surprise! devoid of character & overpriced, southgate is a blight on this city. i'm sure it's a toss-up between macca's and southgate for most of its patrons - the same level of quality and charm. stop the rot before the whole city becomes a theme restaurant - "oh but it's got wonderful views"...does that take your mind of the crap you're eating or the character-vacuum you're sitting in or the sting to the wallet for the sub-par meal you've just winced through?

25/5/06 11:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your review of Scusami. I went there one morning absolutely famished. I had the same boring scrambled eggs and stale toast. Such disappointment! To think of all the tourists who've come to Melbourne to sample our fine cuisine and found this excuse for a brekky!

4/10/07 10:29  
Blogger Susan said...

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30/4/20 01:42  
Blogger Susan said...

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