Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gourmet on Gamon, Yarraville

We decided to take a little road trip today, over the Westgate Bridge and on through the dinky streets of Yarraville. There we stumbled upon Gourmet on Gamon, 84 Gamon Street, Tel +61 3 9396 1916. Serendipity can be a wonderful thing. The scrambled eggs were excellent.

And what a fetching plate of eggs it was. Very carefully laid out with a thick square of white toast in the middle, a layer of bacon over that, and small mountain of firm, light scrambles, lightly flecked with snippets of spring onion. I added a side of mushies and a home-made hash brown, neither of which was spectacular, but both of which were good.

The poached eggs with spinach (a bit skimpy on the spinach, by the way) were also pretty good, on a toasty slice of Phillipa's bread... the one with all the grains and seeds and stuff. But the hollandaise was a disappointment. It seemed to have jumped straight from the fridge to the eggs, with the all-too-familiar half-solid, half-melting effect that comes with this "technique". If you're going to offer hollandaise, you might was well get it right. Half-arsed hollandaise is only going to get you into trouble.

The other menu items to catch my eye were the Cinnamon Pancake Stack, served with mixed berries, vanilla cream and pure Canadian maple syrup; a "light and fluffy" three egg omelette; and a Breakfast Sandwich with bacon, tomato, baby spinach and aged cheddar.

The food-store venue has light and spacious feel, with a few dog-friendly outside tables and an open fire in the back room. The coffee was excellent and the service relaxed and friendly. Good value too. Just over $30 bucks for two.

15/20 "dinky"


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