Saturday, July 23, 2005

Periapt Foods, Kensington

Apparently a periapt is some kind of amulet worn to guard against food poisoning and bad service. This was very reassuring as we settled in for breakfast at Periapt Foods, 307 Racecourse Road, Kensington, Tel +61 3 9372 3288. Nice eggs. Great service. Not even a hint of salmonella. Magic.

I had no complaints with my order of scrambled eggs on sourdough, with bacon, avocado, potato roesti and some home made tomato sauce. Apart from being very good, it was also very generous. No chance of leaving this place hungry. The eggs florentine was also good, although the spinach was unwilted and the serve of hollandaise a bit on the small side.

Coincidentally, this was the third place in a row to serve pre-cracked pepper in one of those little shaker jars. Although this is a step up from the powdered white stuff, it's no match for a real grinder.

Periapt does good Grinders coffee and great value breakfasts ($33 for two). It would also be an excellent spot to shoot a Wiggles video. Lots of bold splashes of colour and a quirky ocelot banquette. Well worth a repeat visit.

16/20 "eggs a la wiggle"