Sunday, July 24, 2005

Observatory Cafe, South Yarra

I've never been in prison, but I reckon Oz is about as real as prison drama gets. And I've never had a prison breakfast, but I reckon the service at the Observatory Cafe, Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra, Tel +61 3 9650 5600, is about as close a match as you could hope to find. Line up. Grab a tray. Place your order. Wait over there. Prisoner number 194... grub's up.

And what presentation. Slip, slop, slap... Slip on some mushies, slop on some scrambles, and slap on a hat... or toast, in this case. Since when did toast become a garnish?

It's a pity that the Observatory went down the no-service path. It has a brilliant location right next to the Royal Botanic Gardens, and the food is actually quite good. With a little more effort, and a little less price gouging, it could be a contender. But $19.50 to stand in line for the "big breakfast"... who are they kidding? Strictly a tourist trap.

10/20 "take a number"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I quite like the Observatory Cafe - sitting in the sun, walking around the park either before or afterwards, fresh air, good coffee (not amazing but good enough), and a fairly good menu (I tend to stick with the bacon and eggs - although there is always too much bacon). Bit harsh on the rating I think - you might wait in line, but at least you get served quickly.

8/6/06 16:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair enough score - the venue is great, the food is decent and sometimes really decent BUT often the ordering/service system does seem to have been designed by someone who seriously wanted the venture to fail.

12/1/07 22:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the service here reminded me of a fast food chain. except usually at maccers there isn't a raging middle aged man with a quivering mustache screaming at the top of his lungs to the staff about how they are all stupid and how he is going to kill them. it leaves a bitter taste on the tongue, which doesn't help the breakfast. surely episodes like this can't happen everyday - but i won't be returning to find out. : (

24/2/09 16:58  

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