Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hairy Canary, Melbourne

The Hairy Canary has been a steady performer in Melbourne's faddish alley-way bar scene for many years, but I'd never been there for breakfast till this morning. Unfortunately, I ordered the Eggs Benedict, which reminded me of my favorite Charles Eames quote: "Innovate as a last resort".

The innovation in this case was to substitute jamon (Spanish prosciutto) for ham. Bad move. The strong and salty jamon totally dominated the subtle flavours of the eggs and hollandaise. It really didn't work. This is the sort of failed experiment that should never leave the lab. How it got on the menu is anyone's guess.

The eggs themselves were pretty good, as was the hollandaise, toast (some kind of herb-bread-brioche hybrid), and bonus serve of steamed spinach. Next time, however, I will be trying something else. Maybe it's time I had some muesli?

13/20 "innovate as a last resort"


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