Saturday, May 14, 2005

Green Refectory, Brunswick

Sydney Road used to be the place for cheap and cheerful Turkish, Franco Cozzo Furniture, Mediterranean Wonderland and Crystal T's. But as students push North in search of cheaper share housing, the readers of Il Globo are having to make way for the readers of Green Left Weekly. And what better place to plot your next protest than Green Refectory, 115 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Tel +61 3 9387 1150.

The breakfast crowd was an eclectic mix of young and not-so-young Brunswick types (if there is such a thing), and the venue had a relaxed and friendly vibe. Sitting inside gave you a choice of mismatched tables and chairs from the random school of furniture design. Outside gave you a strip of high or low wall-mounted bars, running down the side of the building. It's all pretty rustic, but it feels good.

But what about the food? My scrambled eggs were good, but only just... slightly wet, slightly over-done, and chunks of white were clearly visible. The bacon and mushrooms were both well-fried and tasty, but the toast was a bit thin, which meant that it went soggy under the wet eggs. It was an enjoyable meal, with no real cause for complaint. But there is room for improvement.

The staff were friendly and helpful, and at $14 for eggs and two good coffees this place is a bargain.

13/20 "bargain brekky"


Blogger twistedbrick said...

This is my favourite cafe in Melbourne. They hands down make the best muffins in Melbourne. They are big with a wide crispy top and soft base. They are filled with fresh chunks of fruit. No skimping on the berries either! On weekends they may put chocolate chips in their fruit muffins to make them even more scrumptious. The savoury muffins are equally as tasty, containing roast pumpkin, sun dried tomato, feta, spinach and pine nuts. The muffins are only $2.50, they charge twice the amount in other cafes that normally sell dry and lack of fruit muffins.

The french toast served with pears poached in white wine and vanilla bean is thick and rich. The berry pancakes are are piled with a mountain of berries on top. The servings of cake and pie are enough to feed two, at only $4.50 a slice! I'm not a vanilla slice person, but the vanilla slice at Green is to die for! The custard is fresh and soft and the passionfruit icing on top is thick.

You have to try the brekkie stack - a thick fried slab of Haloumi cheese, bacon, spinach, poached egg and home made tomato relish.

I was addicted to their summer chicken burger at one stage.

The iced coffees and milkshakes are equally as good.

So this cafe gets my full ratings because of the combination of excellent, fresh food, a good atmosphere, friendly staff and a warm interior.

4/1/07 12:07  
Blogger twistedbrick said...

Another note, I am not a sausage roll fan either but the sausage rolls at Green contain meat that tastes like meat and lots of diced up vegetables. I think they are only $2 or $2.50. All the pies are good too. I love them for selling such good quality, fresh, homestyle food at low prices.

4/1/07 12:36  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

I'm getting the impression you're quite a fan of Green Refectory, Twisted Brick. Maybe it's time to go back for another taste. You make it sound rather good...

22/1/07 14:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the food is good and the prices are cheap but their service is horrible. no one can tell me i didn't give them a go because i went there every weekend for 7 weeks in a row and they got my order wrong or it never came out 6 times out of that 7. i was in denial that the service would change. after the 7th time when i was told that the reason i my breakfast didn't come out at the same time as my partner's was because i ordered it separately (which i hadn't), that was it. i haven't been back. also when you order something from the counter and you can see it and then you sit down and they tell you they don't have any more, that's crap too. And when you're diabetic and they give you real coke instead of diet, that's crap too. and when you wait for your coffee next time you're at greens, take a look at the muffins, i've seen flies in there before and it's put me off for life. Redeeming feature - their cakes are huge and cheap. As much as i loved the blackforest and the strawberry sponge, i can't bring myself to go back to Greens.

31/8/07 17:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It makes me sad to see anything bad written about Green, which my boyfriend always refers to as the Illy cafe due to the sign out front and that fact he can never remember the name!!

Anyhoo, all I can say is I love this place!! I always spend ages trying to decide what I want to eat, even though I know every item on the menu off by heart!! Why?? Because everything is so good I want to eat it all, that's why!!

But I have to say this is one place where everyone is satisfied with their choice, not once have I looked around at what my friend's have ordered and thought I got the bum deal and believe me I'm a serial offender of making people (namely my boyfriend) swap if theirs looks better!!

The brekkie stack and chicken burger (Garlic rubbed thick toasted white bread, bacon, chicken, rocket, avocado and mayo all for only $9.50) as mentioned by twistedbrick are faves of mine too, as are the lamb cutlets served on mash with a chick pea and rocket salad for only $12.95. But for me the passionfruit and strawberry sponges, the vanilla slice and the Pav take the cake!!

30/4/08 18:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Green's breakfast stack wins the best breakfast meal ever, ever, ever - it's sensational. I used to live up the road but now live in the breakfast wasteland that is Melbourne's eastern/south-eastern suburbs and and will willingly cross the city in peak football traffic for one.Oh yes, the parks are lovely out here and the streets are leafy blah blah, but the breakfasts are a disaster. What the hell is wrong with Camberwell - you'd imagine that whole massive strip could come up with a reasonable breakfast?! But no. Someone should offer a prize for a half-decent breakfast east of Glenferrie Rd (with the exception of Replete Providore!).

5/5/08 15:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greens is with a doubt the best cafe on Sydney road. Their pancakes are fantastic as are their pies.

17/5/08 21:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've never understood the fuss. i've lived in brunswick for years and try to avoid 'the green'.

Very average food, and the service is appalling. My order has never been right and they always forgot to bring at least one item. If you think 'The Green' is impressive, you'll bhe easily impressed by so many others enarby.

19/1/09 13:04  
Blogger KB said...

Might go there now girl and boy

26/4/09 10:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, Best muffins ever! I cant stop thinking about there savory muffin, they dont disapoint, they are to die for. havn't tried anything else but it all looks fantastic. Yummy!!

13/4/10 08:49  
Blogger artnoise said...

I LOVE Green refectory. I have never had a problem with staff being unfriendly as some say-but they do get a little rushed. The food though always tastes amazing, vege lasagne YUM, spinach.mushroom and haloumi pies YM YUM, Breakfast stack with beans YUM and I have tried almost ever cake there. Coffee isnt anything to shout about but it always good and the atmosphere is laid back and nice (apart from the occasion when noone knows where to queue in the small entrance hall) but I go here usually once every fortnight if not week for something, such great value for money! Ive tried alot around Syndye rd, lygo north, victoria st and union st but Greens is still the fave (Rays on victoria and miss marmalade on union st are my next pics).

30/5/10 01:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

best muffins in the whole of melbourne. no doubt about it.

22/9/10 23:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty average food really but assorted and cheap, pretty bad coffee

19/6/13 13:08  
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