Friday, May 20, 2005

Avenue on Chifley, Sydney

Can I be in-and-out for breakfast within 20 minutes? Sure, no problem. For fast eggs, head for Avenue on Chifley, Chifley Square, Sydney, Tel +61 2 9221 7599. But don't go for the next few months... they'll be closed for renovations.

Despite a couple of flaws, I really enjoyed my Eggs Benedict. The hollandaise had just the right lemony zing, the grilled ham was excellent, and the muffins were good. The eggs, however, were machine-poached. They had been dropped into little circular containers and steamed inside the old bain-marie on steroids "poaching" contraption. For a serious breakfast venue this would be a major flaw, but for a small city cafe it didn't seem like such a big deal. Hidden beneath the hollandaise, you hardly noticed.

I am also softening my stance on raw spinach. In this case, by sandwiching the small bonus serve of spinach leaves between the ham and the eggs, there was sufficient warmth to wilt the spinach. Wilted spinach is OK.


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