Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tosolini's, Canberra

The concentration of quality breakfast venues around Canberra is roughly inversely proportional to the concentration of pollies and hacks. But despite the slim pickings, there are at least a few places where you can get a decent plate of eggs. It might take you two or three days to visit them all, but two or three days in Canberra is usually more than enough for anyone. For Eggs Benedict (with ham, salmon or spinach), the place to go is Tosolini's, in London Circuit (corner of East Row), Civic, Tel +61 2 6247 4317. Very good indeed.

Unfortunately, however, my serve of "Tosses" eggs was well below par... a measly little pile of scrambled eggs, dotted with flecks of some mysterious black pan-scraping substance. It came with a generous serve of bacon and some roasted field mushrooms, both of which were OK, but compared to the Benedict it was very disappointing.

Another failed experiment, IMHO, was the poached eggs with spicy lentils and spinach. The lentils were too sweet, with vinegar dominating any other flavours that might otherwise have come through, and the spinach was raw (it's most unappealing state).

I didn't get to try any of it, but the rest of the menu apeeared to offer plenty of choice, including a couple of omelettes, crepes with caramelised banana, toasted brioche with marscapone and fruit compote, and banana porridge.

My vote: stick with the Benedict. It wins by a safe margin.

12/20 "Avoid the Tosses' Breakfast"


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