Saturday, April 30, 2005

Gluttony, Collingwood

There are those who argue that the characters in Gilligan's Island are based on the seven deadly sins. But how does a scrawny little weed like Gilligan get paired with gluttony? Surely the Skipper is a more likely candidate for glutton? Ginger, on the other hand, is a slam dunk for lust. This morning I gave in to my lust for eggs at a place called "Gluttony, It's a Sin", 278 Smith Street, Collingwood, Tel +61 3 9416 0336. Curioius name. Great breakfast.

What I ordered was scrambled eggs with sun dried tomato and parmesan on cheese toast, with bacon, weiss wurst, mushrooms, mayo and chutney. It was very good and very filling. The only real flaws were an excess of juices (from the mushrooms I think), and runny chutney (it should be thick).

What I should have ordered was the Scrambled Special... scrambled eggs topped with spinach (sauteed) and lime Dijon hollandaise on a potato, mushroom, onion and tomato fry-up all on a slab of thick cheese toast. Mmmm... as soon as I laid eyes on this towering stack of temptation I rapidly switched from lust to envy... I want what they're having.

There were six other monster egg specials, including things like Pambula Eggs (fried with flathead fillets etc), Tex Mex (fried with bacon, sausage and chilli beans on corn toast) and a Warm Deluxe Breakfast salad type thing (poached on a mixture of baby greens, bacon, croutons, avocado, smoked salmon etc). Very creative and lots of choice.

The atmosphere inside Gluttony is reasonable, although it lacks a bit of warmth, and if you grab a street table there's a fair chance you'll have to deal with a Smith Street nutter or two.

One thing I'm not so sure about is the "breakfast bar" of self-service muesli, fruit, yadda yadda. I always wonder how long it's all been sitting there, going dry or collecting germs from the passing trade.

At around 12 bucks for most of the big brekky specials, this place is great value. And the coffee was up there with the best I've ever had.

16/20 "go hungry"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

isn't it funny, i just dicovered your blog today and was reading over your previous posts and thinking, i like this guys style. i have been to most the places you have been and couldn't agree more with your comments.

but gluttony??? i didn't think much of it at all, terrible service, breakfast was bland and was on the quantity over quality side of things and the coffee was terrible. oh well, maybe they were having a bad day. either way, i love your blog.

i'm in london at the moment and will be heading to smiths of smithfield on your advice!

8/11/05 11:12  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

It seems Gluttony may not be all it used to be... I have not yet verified this for myself, but I was given a very negative report from a friend recently, so I can't be sure that my current review is still a reliable guide. Anyone been there lately?

20/5/06 11:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie,
Have been reading your blog for a while, and went to Gluttony on the weekend via your write-up.

The place was packed with a mixed brunch/lunch crowd (it was 1pm), and they were really struggling on the service front. Took us around 10 minutes to get our orders taken, though to their credit the waitress did warn us at this point that there would be a 25-minute wait for our food (this turned out to be accurate). And the coffees came quickly!

25 minutes later, my "Gluttony" arrived (poached eggs, lime dijon hollandaise, bacon, cheese-toast and a ton of roquette-tomato-red onion salad) along with my partner's Tex-Mex (as described in your review). I was very happy with mine - eggs well-cooked, plenty of bacon, delicious bread and the salad a nice addition to balance out the protein-carb-fat attack. My partner has a few comments:

- she requested poached instead of fried eggs in her Tex-Mex, but was told such changes were not allowed;

- her bread was a bit soggy, not toasted enough (we are actually unsure whether the bread was even toasted);

- not that happy with the presentation style, which was of the "everything piled together" school, rather than items each in their place on a plate. I don't mind this, but she don't like it!

Overall though, we did enjoy our meals - they really need to get their service act together, but besides that, we would definitely go back - I also want to try the Scrambled Special!

One general comment on the blog - it would be great to have more prices included in the reviews... seems an occasional but not regular feature. Otherwise, love your work.

27/6/06 19:30  
Blogger Unknown said...

Gluttony.. what can I say..

Many moons ago it did stand for it's name- but now, there's no gluttony- you won't want to eat what you've been given

It's a+ as a smokers venue, but not willing to change *anything* on the menu when there are only 2 other tables taken? c'mon. It leaves that impersonal feel to the place.

Coffee is a 6.5/10, drinkable, but not top notch. If you're in the area there are many other places which don't offer the run-of-the-mill "aussie breakfast"- for maybe less than a cup of coffee more.

The food- The bacon had a taste of uncleaned grill and the texture of hungry jacks bacon.

It used to be good- really good. such a pity.


21/12/07 17:09  
Blogger Catbrain said...

I have recently moved into the area and decided to give Gluttony a try today, on the basis of price, air-conditioning and all-day breakfast.

I particularly liked the sound of the breakfast salad, but I found it to be too heavy on bread, with massive "croutons" (the size of the bread chunks you might find in fattoush) and a chunk of cheese toast underneath. I also found the smoked salmon to have a bit of an ammonia flavour which, a chef friend tells me, is a sign of a cheaper, mass-produced salmon. (I'm no salmon snob, but the flavour really was a bit nasty.) The poached eggs were almost perfect - I prefer them a little runnier, but it worked with the rest of the ingredients. I also enjoyed their home-made lemonade, although I suspect it's just a good squeeze of lemon juice, a tspn of sugar, topped up with San Pellegrino.

If I went back, I would readily order the same dish but ONLY if I could omit the salmon and cheese toast - and judging from the rest of the comments here, they won't do that.

It's also worth noting that, since your original post nearly 2 years ago, it appears the prices haven't really increased.

5/1/08 16:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Orginally from 'out of town' I ate at Gluttony 2 weekends ago and found the food and service...simply nice. Not too flash, not too boring...passable for a hot Saturday morning.
I sat outside and the view across the road was blahhh though.

14/11/09 02:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the whole point to a good breakfast is not to be hurried. Seriously guys. nothing worse than being hassled for breakfast.

I like that this place is casual. the food is excellent. and the Soy Chai Tea Latte is one of the best in Melbourne.

11/9/10 22:24  
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