Thursday, January 27, 2005

Scoring System

As hard as it is to compare brekky venues, I still need a way to answer the question "where do I find the best eggs in town?" So, I've devised a system for scoring each venue, which, all going well, will allow me to rank them from best to worst.

The score-card covers the eggs, the extras, the rest, the coffee, the help, the buzz, the price, and whether the venue is worthy of a repeat visit, and looks like this...

The eggs are scored from 0-4, where...
4 = flawless
3 = very good
2 = good
1 = just ok
0 = not good

The extras, rest, coffee, help and buzz are each scored from 0-3, where...
3 = very good
2 = good
1 = just ok
0 = not good

You can get -1 penalty for price, if the price represents bad value (admittedly a subjective judgment). This is represented by an X above the price symbol on the score-card.

You can get +1 bonus if the venue is worthy of a repeat visit (again, this is pretty subjective, but I find the question "would I come back?" helpful in sorting the sheep from the goats). This is represented by a tick/check above the repeat symbol on the score-card.

It all adds up to a total score out of 20. To get a perfect score, you'd have to get top marks for eggs through buzz, be worthy of a repeat visit, and not be a rip-off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the blog, occasionally live vicariously through you when unable to afford big breakfast - or when health kick prevents it! I would suggest that you try Big Brekky in Petersham next time you're in Sydney (Cnr Stanmore St and Abbott Rds). Seriously the best breakfast I've ever tasted, and consistent throughout the months (you must try the home made beans). Would love to hear what you think of it..

9/7/06 20:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the corner of Albert Street and Stanmore Road.

7/8/07 09:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As my preferred meal to dine out for is breakfast, I loved your site and like others, got a vocarious kick out of it. Although I don't live in Melbourne I will look this up for tips next time I get there.
BTW if you like Heuvos Rancheros, have you been to Santa Fe, NM? Proper re-fried beans and the best chilli.

5/2/08 19:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

16/11/08 00:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe Moone Ponds' Lil Kitch isn't on the list. You've been all over Victoria yet never there??

2/1/09 08:35  
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Blogger Coco Love said...

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8/12/17 14:26  
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